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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a gentle manipulation of spinal and/or other body extremities to align and balance misalignments. Chiropractic is a proven, medically accepted therapy for the treatment of back and neck pain and an effective strategy for expediting one’s own recovery period after an injury. Chiropractic care can also increase flexibility, enhance nervous and immune system functions.

Accidents, falls, stress, tension, overexertion and other conditions often create displacements or derangements of the spine with a resulting irritation and inflammation of spinal nerve roots. Chiropractic care does not use drugs or chemicals to mask the symptoms of body dysfunctions. Instead, we locate the source and adjust the musculoskeletal area causing the disorder. The concept is based on the understanding that long term health and recovery benefits are not achieved by masking the symptoms, but treating the underlying cause. Chiropractic care places emphasis on common sense nutritional and exercise programs as well, to promote physical and good mental health.

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Shoulder Treatment

Techniques utilized may include:

Diversified Technique: This technique involves the application of a short (low-amplitude), quick (high-velocity) thrust over restricted joints (one at a time) with the goal of restoring normal range of motion in the joint.

Drop Technique: An effective chiropractic method for spinal adjustment, this technique requires an adjusting table with a segmented drop system that can ‘drop’ or quickly lower the section of the body where the adjustment is to occur, carrying the affected joint safely through the remainder of its range of motion.

Activator Technique: A comprehensive, integrated series of chiropractic procedures employing an adjusting instrument—a gentle technique found to be effective in identifying and correcting restrictions in the spine or other areas where there may be joint dysfunctions or interference with the nervous system’s control and coordination of the body. The Activator’s Technique can be especially valuable in the treatment of infants, elderly and animals. It is helpful for treating extremities in all ages.

Percussive Therapy: Often used by professional sports teams for the effective treatment of muscle or ligament problems, this therapy enhances recovery and rehabilitation while reducing pain and discomfort. It delivers waves of impulses deep into body tissues to promote circulation and lymphatic flow while decreasing muscle tension or spasm. An ideal therapy for releasing joint restrictions, multiple percussive waves can loosen dysfunctional areas without the use of a heavy thrusting force.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Technique: Otherwise known as IASTM, is a treatment for myofascial restrictions and adhesions of the soft tissues. IASTM uses specially designed instruments to provide a mobilizing effect to scar tissue and myofascial adhesions.

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